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This work celebrates this singular season of the human experience and was sculpted from life with a model, Jessica, who was soon to give birth to her first child. There was a sumptuous serenity that she seemed to bathe in, a joy that radiated from the depths of her soul, an unspeakable beauty. It was abundance incarnate.


I lost my mother when i was 7 years old. I poured into this sculpture the essence of my love for my mum and deep gratitude for the gifts of love, life and appreciation for beauty that she poured into me. The bond between a loving mother and child is forged in the fiery crucible of carrying, delivering and rearing child; it is a bond that can never be broken - this work is an ode to the loving mother, the life giver, the lode star, the light in the darkness, the glowing cocoon.

Glowing Cocoon

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